Who we are

A progressive supported accommodation
service for people with an intellectual

What we do

Offering a variety of accommodation support services with a focus on the individual.

Why choose us

Providing a person centred, collaborative,
through community participation and innovative practices.

We aim to provide a range of accommodation support services for people aged over 18 that meets individual needs; which is caring and secure, and at the same time, treats people with disabilities with dignity and respect, while developing the individual's potential.

Currently we have client vacancies. These vacancies are at our villas at 94 Reserve Road, Freemans Reach, and at our villas in Richmond.

  • Accredited

  • Long history in Disability Services 

  • Semi-Rural setting as well as municipal setting

  • Provide Accommodation services to people with a wide range of Disabilities

  • Innovative in our Service Delivery



in touch

94 Reserve Road, Freemans Reach, NSW.

02 4579 6131