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You Can Help

By making a donation to New Haven Farm Home, you will be directly suporting people living with a disability by contributing to a variety of important resources that will support individuals to build their living skills, increase their independence and achieve their goals.

Your generous gifts will provide additional opportunities for people with a disability to play an active role as valued members in our community with improved access to activities and education and support resources both in the home environment and when out and about. Remember each gift over $2 is tax-deductible!

Becoming a regular giver is a great way for you to help enhance the lives of people living with a disability on an ongoing basis. To become a regular giver, simply check the box in the donation form below, providing your nominated gift amount and payment method. Your first gift will be deducted immediately and subsequent gifts will be deducted on the 15th of each month or the next business day. To keep things simple for you at tax time, New Haven Farm Home will provide you with one donation receipt in July.

  • YOUR GIFT OF $25

    A gift of $25 can provide individuals with opportunities to participate in activities in the community, covering entry fees or membership costs for local groups.

  • YOUR GIFT OF $50

    A gift of $50 can help to cover the cost of learning and development classes and education in areas such as art, computer skills or reading and writing classes.

  • YOUR GIFT OF $100

    A gift of $100 can help to provide additional supports and equipment in and around the home to assist individuals as they learn living skills.