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New Haven Farm Home clients have been working towards their individual goals over the past few months and have achieved some great things.

Here are just a few!


Over the years it has been wonderful to see Roy grow in his independence and confidence.

Roy loves going out to the local pub with friends for Trivia nights; going to the races; participating in activities with a local church group; going to the raffles at the club; playing bingo and keeping up to date with local news.

To support Roy in his interests and achieving his goals in regularly getting out and about in the community and participating in regular community based activities with independence, New Haven Farm Home have worked with Roy to enable him to move to one of our Richmond based sites.

Roy is now living with some of his friends and is thriving in his new home. He is now able to walk to the local record store independently and it is great to see him continue to grow in his confidence as a valued community member.


Congratulations to Patrick Brennan who won first prize at the Hawkesbury Show for his decorated cake!

Pat was supported to plan and design his cake and chose to learn how to create a dog shaped cake topper.

Inspired by his love of dogs and his weekly volunteer position at GuideDogs NSW, Pat showed patience, dedication and lots of creativity as he practiced his cake decorating skills and ultimately created the final cake for the show.

We think he did a great job and are very excited for Pat and the recognition of his abilities.

Thank you to Madelaine, one of New Haven Farm Home’s support workers, who supported Pat in this project. Madelaine constantly guided and encouraged Pat to achieve his show entry goals.

Well done Pat!


Shane has recently moved to New Haven Farm Home’s Bosworth Street site and we are very happy to help you get to know him!

Shane is a friendly and outgoing young man. He enjoys chatting to people and making new friends.

He is an absolute coffee lover! Not only does he enjoy a cup at a café, but he also loves to make coffee for others!

Shane aspires to be a barista. Working towards this goal, Shane is about to complete a course at the Australian Barista School in Sydney. He is very excited about this opportunity to develop his skills and take another step closer to his employment goals.

Once a week, Shane works at the café at the local Western Sydney University campus. He loves meeting people and working in their coffee shop.
Shane enjoys listening to Elvis; going to the Friday night raffles at the local golf club; ten pin bowling and spending time with his family.

One of Shane’s goals is to develop his cooking skills, and is being supported to learn how to prepare and cook new meals which he shares with his house mates.

On the weekends, Shane likes to take a road-trip to different towns to have a look around, learn new places, and of course stop for a coffee! In the last few weeks Shane has enjoyed visiting both Wollongong and Mount Panorama!


Jess moved into New Haven Farm Home’s newest site on Bosworth Street Richmond in August last year.

She is a kind and caring woman who tries to be very helpful to staff and her house mates. Jess shows a genuine concern for others and likes to make sure everyone is safe, well and looked after.

Jess loves to go shopping, especially for tops and skirts in her favourite colours – pink and purple! Jess is being supported to develop skills in budgeting and money management. She is learning about saving and the value of money when shopping and is very proud of going to make regular payments on her lay-by.

Art, craft and flowers are just some of Jess’ interests. She really enjoys making cards for others and even makes her own wrapping paper! Jess loves celebrating and always puts lots of effort into using her art and craft to decorate for birthdays and make others feel special.

Jess is currently decorating flower vases, combining her love of art and craft with her interests in flowers and flower decorating.

Zumba every Friday at Active8 Gym is one of Jess’ favourite activities. She loves to dance and sing especially to songs by Mariah Carey.

Jess enjoys cooking and is being supported to learn new skills when preparing meals to share with her housemates and when baking treats to share with her family when they come to visit.


Congratulations to Leanne Davey, one of New Haven Farm  Home’s Disability Support Workers who was awarded the Autumn 2019 Staff Recognition Award!

Leanne has been part of the New Haven Farm Home team for nearly 5 years and is constantly demonstrating her commitment to supporting people living with a disability to grow their skills and abilities, be active in the local community and achieve their goals.

Leanne was nominated by her peers for the dedication she shows to supporting both clients and other staff.

Congratulations Leanne, and thank you for your hard work.


Robert moved to New Haven Farm Home in September last year. He has an abundance of skills, is kind and has a great sense of humour. We are happy to share just some of Robert’s talents and goals with you.

Robert enjoys going to Riverstone Men’s Shed each week to meet with other men from the community and work on a range of woodwork projects. This year Robert has made a set of coasters and a cheese-board. On his way to Men’s Shed, Robert visits the team at Aus Timber in Box Hill where he gathers some timber to donate to the Men’s Shed group. Donating the timber to Men’s Shed gives Robert a sense of pride and dignity as a contributing group member.

On Tuesday nights, Robert takes a pottery class with Blacktown Arts and Craft Group where he is learning new skills in working with clay and socialising with other people who share his interests.

Robert is being supported to develop his cooking skills and often helps preparing dinner and setting the table ready to share a meal with his housemates.

Each week Robert goes to the Active8 gym in Richmond working towards his goal of increased fitness. His favourite workout is on the bike.

Robert supports the Penrith Panthers, loves holdens and motor sports and is interested in the police force. He also bowls as part of a ten pin bowling league in Windsor every Saturday.


Regardless of our strengths, challenges, likes, dislikes, goals, interests, and abilities, we as humans all like to have a sense of control and independence in our lives. We want to have the right to make our own decisions, and be accepted, respected and included by others. All of these everyday life elements give us dignity and a sense of purpose.

Think about some of the things you do each week. Perhaps you enjoy meeting friends for a drink; do your grocery shopping or buy meat at the local butcher; go to work or participate in a community group. Maybe you are part of a social group or sports team or enjoy cooking meals to share with your friends and family. In all of your weekly activities you have goals to achieve and feel a sense of satisfaction when you accomplish them.

Now think about some of the things you learnt or were challenged by. Are you learning how to use a computer or to cook a new recipe? Are you working to improve a relationship; increase your fitness; or learn an instrument? Whatever you might be learning or experiencing, patience, support, respect and encouragement from others makes challenges and learning feel more achievable and rewarding.

Imagine not being supported by others to live life the way you wish. Imagine how you would feel if others didn’t believe in your capabilities or didn’t take the time to show you that your opinions are valued. Imagine if people didn’t have patience for you or if you were no longer supported to participate in your weekly activities. It would likely feel very frustrating and your self-esteem and confidence would certainly be impacted.

Just like you, people living with a disability like to achieve their goals; belong to community groups; and have a sense of control over their lives. Many of the things you did this week were also done by someone living with a disability. People living with a disability need support, respect and encouragement when learning new skills or facing challenging situations, just like we all do.

People living with a disability often need additional support in their everyday activities such as cooking meals, doing the shopping, catching public transport or participating in activities as part of a local club or group. Your patience and encouragement can support the members of our community who are living with a disability to have the self-esteem and confidence to achieve their goals.

New Haven Farm Home is a Hawkesbury based not-for-profit organisation providing person centred support to people with a disability. The team at New Haven Farm Home assists people living with a disability to be empowered – in the decisions they make for their own lives; supporting them to work towards the goals they would like to achieve and the skills they would like to learn. New Haven Farm Home assists people living with a disability to develop their living and social skills, encouraging each individual to live their life the way they choose as valued members of the community.

So next time you see someone with a disability; maybe think about what you might have in common. Maybe you could consider some different ways to be patient and encouraging, as they work towards their goals and ambitions. And remember, people living with a disability are people with interests and skills; just like you.


Congratulations to Michelle James, one of New Haven Farm Home’s Support Workers, who received the 2018 Spring Employee Recognition Award for her ongoing commitment to delivering high quality person centred support to New Haven Farm Home’s clients.

Michelle was nominated by her peers for her constant professionalism and the dedication she shows to supporting both clients and other staff.

Michelle is always very creative and shows lots of initiative when supporting clients to achieve their goals.

Craft, cooking, art, photography, bird watching and even recording frog calls for the Australian Museum are just some of the fun ways Michelle works alongside clients to help them build their skills and share their interests.
Michelle has over 19 years of experience within the disability sector and has been a New Haven Farm Home team member for nearly 2 years. Seeing clients happy, learning new skills, being more independent and confident gives Michelle motivation each day. She is a passionate team player who is committed to encouraging others to see people’s abilities, not their disability.

Thank you Michelle for your dedication and hard work. We also congratulate and thank Helen, Melissa and Leanne D who were nominated for their efforts over the last quarter.


Doug lives at one of New Haven Farm Home’s Richmond sites.

He recently had a chat with Roz from both Diverse Hawkesbury and the Hills Hawkesbury Independent Magazine, sharing his interests in art, culture and his Darug heritage.

Doug inspired Roz to write an article about the importance of taking the time to talk with and listen to members of our community, like Doug, as there is always something that we can learn from one another.

Read the article here:

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